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Waiting on God

Waiting on God

This book looks at the models of waiting in the biblical story, examines the ordeal of fear and anxiety in the midst of life, and offers a way of living the prayer of the Eucharist - "We wait in joyful hope for the coming our Saviour, Jesus Christ."

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A real personal resource
My parish priest kindly gave me Waiting on God to help me as I wait on my dear mother's death. It is a book that speaks to my heart and my own situation, and I have read and reread some passages many times. The section I love most is when Fr Denis shares the story of his own mother's death and he writes of his own awkwardness and loss. It is heartfelt writing, honest and unsparing, and it has helped me greatly in saying goodbye to my own mother. For anyone going through a troubled or anxious time, this book is a godsend.
Francis O'Gorman (Dublin)

Review on the GoodBookStall website.
The title could just as well be Waiting for God, as the book deals with the idea of waiting, of expectation, as developed in the biblical story. The author deals with the anxieties and frustrations which contemporary society imposes on us and develops a spirituality of trust and confident waiting in the face of life's pressures. He takes important events from the Old and New Testaments and describes them as models of waiting. The final chapter "Waiting in Joyful Hope" brings together all the strands. This is a book full of original slants on the familiar stories of the Bible and well worth a careful reading.
John Irvine, The GoodBookStall