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The Parables of Jesus

The Parables of Jesus

Jesus invests much of his teaching in parables which have as much power today as when they were first spoken. The insights and patterns of the contrary wisdom of God challenge us in and through the scriptures. In this book the reader gains fresh and exciting insights into the power of the parable.

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Excellent discussion book
During Lent this year our prayer group used the book on The Parables of Jesus. It made for a fascinating disussion each week where we had to rethink what we thought we knew as we were introduced to new insights and new ways of seeing the stories of Jesus.

Thanks to Fr Denis, I feel much closer to Jesus' radical way of thinking and his coded critique of the world around him. Full marks!
Noel Thurberry

5 out of 5 stars
This is a superb piece of original writing that offers real insight into the world of Jesus and his parables. It looks at stories you think are familiar, and then leads you on a journey where you end up wondering if you got anywhere near the depth of the parables. I enjoyed this book immensely and would heartily recommend it.
Julian Walker (London, UK)

We're studying the parables as part of our degree in biblical theology. I love literature and stories, so I thought I had a head start on this subject.....was I wrong?

When I devoured this book, everything I thought I knew about the parables ("engaging sweet stories") was blown away and then incinerated. But rather than being left with an ash heap, I was introduced to a field of plenty, a new vision that I found breathtaking and subtle and moving. (Although one of my friends said that Fr Denis makes Jesus look and sound so good that he would have been nominated as his communication manager!) Thanks and thanks and thanks.
Andrew Ashley (Rome)