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Jesus & the Gospels

Jesus & the Gospels

This book reflects on the key moments of the Jesus story as the four evangelists present them. Each section has the outline notes of the lectures that the author offers in his course, "Jesus and the Gospels". This is an excellent workbook for anyone seeking to deepen their understanding of the person of Jesus and the writing of the Gospels.

Hear An Introduction


The best there is
I have always admired writers who can connect with their readers and you feel they are writing for you. You feel there is a magical connection between the writer and you, that you are having a conversation about something that matters to both of you. This book felt like the author was in an armchair opposite me, and he produced insights and painting and poetry to enliven his presentation. Above all I felt his deep love of Jesus which permeates every page. That love he has associated with a rich world of art and literature and psychology. I love this book - beautifully illustrated - and it seems like I have my own rabbi teaching me about Jesus and the Gospels. Thank you Fr Denis for being my personal rabbi!
Simon Harnby

What a wonderful introduction to the Gospels!
What a wonderful introduction to the Gospels! Not only do you walk with an expert, but you travel with a writer who has deep psychological insight and has a knowledge of art and poetry. A real heady mix, I tell you. Get it and read it.
Damien Johanssen

A brilliant work
This is wonderful and readable introduction to Jesus and the Gospels. The writing is sharp, taking the reader through the major moments of the Jesus story and is supported by a generous variety of paintings, contemporary poetry, and explanatory charts. It is beautifully produced and illustrated and will prove a real treasure.
Dr Paul Hanson

Full technicolour
This is a wonderful resource for anyone wanting extra input and ways of thinking about the Gospels. Denis McBride's work is well worth spending time with. He brings the life and words of Jesus into full technicolour and makes it relevant in this present day moment. I can say it re-awakened my understanding and brought alive things that had been allocated to childhood stories making them relevant in my life now. If you can also look for his collection of CDs on the same subject they will blow you away.
Healing Hands

Scholarship and humanity at its best
I have taught theology in seminaries and universities for some years. I can tell from a mile away if someone hasn't got the goods, and is just trying to pass the time and collect the cheque. Ten years ago I listened to Fr. Denis and heard him as the best communicator of the Gospel in the English language. Last week I heard him again, a beautiful mixture of scholarship, gentleness and humanity, and I would like to know if there is a priest or lecturer, in any language, who can come close to his insight.

Fr Denis equalled his portrait of Jesus and Gospels, never diminishing anyone but having an ability to think of an untold story that might make sense of someone's strange behaviour, putting it into a new light. Listening to him again, I was transported back and back, and thought I was listening to an evangelist...
Fr J.J. (Dublin)

Superb course
Followed the course at Chisholm College on the Death and Resurrection of Jesus. Fr Denis spent the first hour on Jerusalem at the time of Jesus, which was fascinating and gave us a real sense of place and the "geography of snobbery" that existed then and exists now. A real eye-opener of a course. Great on ya mate!
Gerry (Australia)