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Praying the Rosary

Praying the Rosary

Fr Denis McBride, CSsR, takes a fresh look at the Rosary in this beautifully illustrated book. Through the four sets of mysteries he takes us on a leisurely journey through twenty episodes in the lives of Jesus and Mary, offering us prayerful insights on the way. The format for each decade is simple: first there is a reading from scripture, which is followed by a reflection on the passage; a painting is also included which offers its own take on the subject, accompanied by a brief reflection; finally there is a prayer on some aspect of the mystery. Focusing on a scriptural understanding of the mysteries, this prayerful book will prove a sure companion for everyone who loves the Rosary.

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Review from the Catholic Times
This is the latest book to come from Fr Denis McBride, who describes himself as "a lifelong student of the scriptures". Using his twin passions of scripture and art, in Praying the Rosary, Fr McBride invites the reader to accompany him on a journey with clearly-defined stopping places in the lives of Mary, Jesus and the early Church. Both scripture and art are inherently opportunities to pause, to ponder and thereby to be enriched ever more deeply by not rushing towards the next stop. The language of Praying the Rosary is, therefore, one of companionship and friendly dialogue rather than of instruction. It is not one more of how many 'how to' books, but is, rather, an invitation to rest, reflect and pray.... It is an attractive book which carries its loveliness through its uncomplicated language and beautiful images.
The Catholic Times