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The Gospel of Mark

The Gospel of Mark

Reflecting on Mark's great story of action, we follow the restless drama of the narrative from its opening on the banks of the River Jordan through the dramatic passion narrative to the empty tomb.

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The ignored Gospel
From Fr. Denis' lectures I learned that this was the cinderella of the Gospels - ignored mostly in the litrugy over the years. On reading the commentrary I can see why Mark's Gospel might appear as a threat to so many people, yet his frankness, even bluntness, gives a modern audience so much hope.

Thanks for helping to re-instate this beautiful Gospel!
John Cummerforld

A superb introduction to Mark
It's not easy to find a reflective book on Mark's Gospel - usually the writing is either too scholarly for ordinary folk or too fundamental for those who use their brain. This book is a wonderful exception. It is thoughtful, readable, and deeply inspiring. I worked through it with my daughter who was doing her first degree in theology, and we both loved it. And. believe me, I am no scholar! Just an ordinary bloke who, thanks to Denis McBride, has learned to love the Gospels.
Jim Fenton