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Journeying with Jesus - a companion's guide

Journeying with Jesus - a companion's guide

Journeying with Jesus is a deeply spiritual and lavishly resourced programme of study for those who want to journey side by side with our Lord during Lent, either individually or in small groups. We begin our journey in the wilderness, and, with Jesus, face our temptation to opt for raw power. We travel with Jesus to the top of a mountain, we walk with him along the road, we encounter a series of remarkable people Jesus attracts to himself, and finally sit with him at the table before accompanying him to the cross. But the journey doesn't end there. The great joy of Easter bursts into our lives as Christ joins us again on the road. But will we recognise him?

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Superb teaching
This beautifully produced book demonstrates what care was taken with the writing and the selection of paintings and the design. It all comes together in a magnificent thoughtful production, one that is a classic in the sense that it will last.

The writing is layered - it can be read in a straightforward mannner or mulled over for deeper meaning. It is a mine of thoughtfulness about the story of Jesus, and I have already read it twice.

Having said that, I know I have only touched the surface. This book will be my faithful companion for many years to come, and for that, I say many, many thanks.
Richard McBrien (Canterbury)

A brilliant journey
What a journey! From the wilderness to the road to Emmaus. Just finished this book and am starting it again - there is so much in it, packed tight with insights and stories and paintings. A wonderful combination. And I have learned so much on the way, I feel I know the Lord much better.

Alastair Kingston

What a journey!
I bought this book because of the cover! Stunning design with the great addition that the contents were on the cover. What a clever idea. The inside of the book lived up to the cover, taking the reader on a personal journey with Jesus. The originality of the work is outstanding, not only in its layout and design but, more importantly, in its fresh and original writing. As they asked of someone else: "Where did this man get all this? What is this wisdom that has been granted to him?"
Mark Montgomery (London)

I loved this book. I read it at an ever slower speed as there is so much in each paragraph. It conveys the incredible challenge of Jesus' message but in a way that does not depress or discourage. At the same time the utter unconditionality of Jesus' love leaps out from the page so that one is left feeling there is simply no alternative worth considering for a moment to the simple and glorious way of the Lord.
Margaret Baldock

Review from the GoodBookStall website
Seven generously resourced sessions to help you journey with Jesus - suitable for use at anytime of year but written with Lent in mind. This large format glossy book is divided into seven sessions, each one dealing with a particular place and time in Jesus’s journey from the wilderness to the resurrection, from the forty days of temptation to his appearance on the road to Emmaus. McBride gives an introduction to each theme followed by the relevant Gospel text. Then there is a commentary where the reader is asked to consider the relevance to his own life, and finally an appropriate prayer. Written in a familiar style and never dull, the book is also illustrated throughout with drawings, paintings and photographs which add considerably to its appeal. Highly recommended.
John Irvine

Superb discussion book
I was part of a large Lenten group in Edinburgh, using this book as our guide through Lent. It was original, sharp, insightful, and beautifully illustrated. We found the different parts rich in content and there was plenty for a 36 week Lent!

This book really is a superb companion. Many thanks.
John and Julia

An adventurous journey
A couple of weeks ago my wife and I went to Fr Denis' day on the passion in South London. He was very engaging in drawing us into the last days of Jesus' life, and spoke with great understanding and compassion.

Afterwards we bought his book, Journeying with Jesus - a Companion's Guide, and we have been reflecting on it together. We find it lives up to the name - A Companion's Guide - and we feel our own discipleship has deepened as a result.

Well done Redemptorist Publications for giving us this treasure!
Martin and Fiona Shawcross

Just an excellent book
A most wonderful book - superb! And so thought provoking. Father McBride has given us a magnificent companion for our journey with Jesus. I love how the journey is mapped on each of the evan pages - such an interesting touch. The reflections on the gospel extracts really inspire me. Thank you so much.

This book will last me well beyond Lent and is one I shall dip into often for sustenance.
Cecilia Adams

My sister, living in England, sent me a copy of Fr. Denis McBride’s new book, assuring me that it would help me in my lectures in scripture. (She worries too much!) Reading this wonderful book – and absorbing the beautiful images along the way – I was drawn into a world of thinking faith that is anchored in deep personal reflection. The writer has a canny ability (Scottish like my grandfather) of relating the highs and lows of the Gospel story to the joys and trials of human living, and for this I am deeply grateful. While I tend to get lost in focusing on details in a passage of the New Testament, Fr Denis sweeps me in to a bigger picture – never losing the connection between scripture and life, between Jesus and ourselves.

Madre mia! I wish I could communicate like this, and my students would never bring their pillows to my lectures!
Mgr Mario Angelosanto (Rome)

A Book for All Seasons
‘Journeying with Jesus’ is another unique book from Fr Denis McBride. It’s a book for all seasons, thoughtfully and sympathetically mapped out to enable you to dip into when you want, or study more deeply over time. I love Denis’s inimitable style of talking with you through the journey, just as though you have him as your companion along the way as well.

His choice of illustrations/paintings is lavishly eclectic as well as beautiful and brilliant and the graphics are innovatively apt. I love the simplicity and sincerity of the Final Prayer and Blessing in each section and I know I shall enjoy being challenged time and again by the Questions for Reflection, and to help me along the road to a better understanding of the man, Jesus, and of myself. As is his wont, the Reflecting of the Gospel story sections, Denis gives us permission to take on board new insights on the stories we already know so very well. At the same time, he introduces us to information few of us know about and he has that wonderful knack of connecting it with the world we live in today. This book makes a lovely gift for family and friends besides being a great resource for Prayer/Lenten groups, and school/college study. Please get it - you'll do yourself a favour!
Julia Kerr

Simply superb!
Waaaaaah! This is some book! And more! If you are looking for a connection between life and Gospel, between your own struggle to manage in the world and the story of Jesus - this book is for you. There is a wonderful flow of thinking and images between the journey of Jesus and our own, so that you feel really connected to the life of our Lord. The writing is lively and contemporary; the insights dropped almost casually, like in a good conversation. A mighty work and many thanks!
Mary de Quincy

A work of art!
This book is a work of art! Beautifully written in Fr Denis’ usual style, the book is also generously illustrated with paintings and pictures that enliven the text and give the ancient Gospel story a really modern feel. The design is superb, mapping out your journey as you go along. This book has so much in it, packed with insights, that it will be my companion not only through Lent, but through life.
John Fernandez

A wonderful companion for Lent
Journeying with Jesus is a wonderful companion, a sure guide to walking the road with the Lord. You travel with Jesus through six stations – the wilderness, the well, the mountain, the road, the table, the cross, and finally, you are on the road again with the risen Lord. I found the journey exhilarating and insightful, with new possibilities and fresh vistas emerging with each station on the way.

I loved the different sections of each station from setting the scene to the final prayer and blessing at the end. This book helped me to see more clearly and to pray more hopefully as I travel my own journey. Thank you, Fr Denis, for sharing your faith and your thinking with us!
Fr Thomas D'Silva (India)

Review from 'The Grapevine', March 2009
For a book of quiet reflections for Lent this certainly packs a punch and groups using it for study may find discussion veering off in unexpected directions.
The author chooses seven places connected with Jesus to use as stations, from the wilderness to the tomb and beyond, but those places are each just starting points for both a detailed Bible study and a personal insight.
The first station, the wilderness, uses the temptations faced by Jesus to present a startling new slant on His character, while dramatically bringing to life the beginning of His relationship with the disciples. And, while that is sinking in, we move to a modern setting and the "civilised wilderness" of someone any one of us could have met. Then come the questions for reflection and an original prayer and blessing.
Along the Road, in contrast, delves into other far more ancient cultures for echoes of the nomadic preacher.
The last station, the Emmaus Road, looking at the changing face of memories and the impact their interpretation has on our character and life, gives an unexpected personality to the second disciple on the journey.
All inlcude: an introduction to the theme; Gospel text; reflections on the Gospel story; meditation with a different angle; questions; prayer and blessing. The prose style throughout, sometimes edging into the poetic, reflects the author's obvious aim to set off those studying it on an unexpected and deeply personal journey.
The author, who has written several Bible commentaries and reflections, spent 21 years at a Redemptorist international pastoral centre before becoming publishing director of these publishers.
C.A., The Grapevine