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The Gospel Journey Board Game

The Gospel Journey Board Game

The Gospel Journey is an exciting and engaging board game that challenges the players' knowledge of the New and Old Testament. It takes the form of a pilgrimage to Paradise and is aimed at ages 14 upwards. It can be enjoyed by 2-4 players or teams plus an additional person as the question master.

The game is fun, educational, and stimulating - a lovely way to learn about the Gospels and also something of the Old Testament and Saint Paul. It is ideal for schools, families and parish groups.

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Review of The Gospel Journey
A Gospel Journey into Scriptural knowledge that will be enlightening and will uplift you. It is a rare opportunity to be able to play this exciting board game for all the Church family, you won't be bored with this game.
Canon Steve Carrington

One can imagine good laughs and educational entertainment...
Most Christians know the real-life path to paradise isn't as simple as a board game, but it's good to have well-made entertainment that gets folks talking about the often-daunting questions of God, scripture and eternity.
Christian Today Magazine