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Journeying with Jonah CD

Journeying with Jonah CD

In 2016, Fr Denis addressed the annual meeting of the Conference of Religious of Ireland (CORI) held in Dublin. His two lectures, about an hour each, reflect on Journeying with Jonah - the struggle to find yourself. Jonah appears as someone who has emerged from among us: someone who has to struggle to find his true identity, someone who has to discover his direction in life, someone who has to allow his own outlook on life to be shaped by God's mercy. This is an ancient narrative that speaks gently to our own stories today.

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Review of Journeying with Jonah book
This book is a fascinating commentary on the human condition as revealed through the life of a very reluctant hero - which gives it a special relevance to anyone who is both struggling to discern their vocation and afraid of the consequences of saying "yes" to God's call.
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