Audio by Denis McBride

Reflecting with Paintings

Reflecting with Paintings

Anyone who has heard Father McBride speak will know that he delivers his ideas and insights in a lively, clear and accessible way. These narratives, professionally recorded in front of a live audience, provide an opportunity to encounter God, ourselves and others more deeply. Listeners will be surprised at how the stories touch them and how they highlight some of today's moral, ethical and religious issues. 8 CDs.

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The voice!
Fr Denis said in the preface to his paintings' books that they were written to be heard rather than read. How that is so true! His voice injects a passion and tenderness into the words that you don't "hear" from the page.

When I listened to them in the car, sometimes I had to stop driving. The story was too much, the voice was too personal. It was like having a someone in the passenger seat talking personally to you.

Warning: Do NOT listen to these tapes while driving!
Rich Hartford

Great listening
Got this set of CDs as an early Christmas present and have really enjoyed every one of the 15 voices. Already read one of the books, but the voice really brings everything alive as you are introduced to so many different people.

What an imagination to speak through these characters, seducing you listen on and on. Could listen to these tapes all night (NEARLY DID THAT!)

Many thanks for producing such an instructive and entertaining collection.
Mary Anne Galbraith

How to listen to stories
I received these CDs from a colleague in London: wah-wah, what a gift I have gotten! Voices communicate so much more than the written word. These CDs are a breathtaking assortment of voices, eager to share their story. Of course there is only one voice - that of Fr Denis McBride - but his ability to overhear the stories of others, catch the color of people's pain and their joy, and then communicate that with passion is such a rare gift. I have heard my own restless voice speaking from this assembly, which sometimes frightened me but more often delighted with its understated British humor.

Before people speak, they should listen - I mean really listen to other people rather than just react to what they think they hear. As a counsellor I know that listening to people is exhausting - and rewarding. Fr Denis must be one of the best listeners in the world and one of the sharpest observers of human behavior. Before his voice speaks, everything is first in his attentive eye and ear, in the observed detail. I need to get him out hear to teach class!

No one is beyond the reach of his understanding, no matter how odd they or how screwball. Every voice gets a sympathetic hearing, which is the nearest I have come to recognizing the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. I'm going to use these tapes for my college students, to help them pay attention to different stories and hear and hear again the lone voice that pleads for understanding. And then listen again. And then some.
Dr Craig McKenzie (California)