Audio by Denis McBride

Where Does the Jesus Story Begin?

Where Does the Jesus Story Begin?

These 10 CDs reflect on the four different beginnings the Gospels provide to the life of Jesus, offering the listeners keys that open up each of the Gospels in turn. Alongside that, there is the recurring question: where does your own story begin? Given who you are today, where would you say that story really started?

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Even better than the book!
Having studied the book, I bought these tapes and the wonderful voice and humour of Fr McBride lifted his reflections from the book, directing them to the heart. My students regard the tapes as the best course they have done - which puts me in my place, I guess. I don't mind, because I agree with them!
Fr Mark Lesage

A fascinating comparison of the Gospels' beginnings
Having been lucky enough to see and hear Fr McBride in person this is the next best thing! There is so much that is new to me in his explanations and the background he gives to the gospels, that I can listen to these CDs over and over and hear more each time; lots to reflect on. Fr McBride puts his ideas and insights across in a very accessible way and with a great and gentle sense of humour!
a catechist

Addressing the mind and the heart
My husband and I have been attending Fr. Denis' course on the beginning of the Gospels in Clapham. We are Methodists with a great love of the scriptures, and our love has been deepened by his wonderful presentation. He speaks without notes addressing your mind and heart, reaching into secret places.

We bought the tapes, and now we are fighting over who gets to have them for the day! If we get divorced over this, we will sue the Redemptorists! Many thanks, Fr Denis, and all power to your ministry for the Lord. Peace be with you and may God continue to bless you.
Christine Winterton (London)

A secret key!
I followed the wonderful weekend at the Benedictine Belmont Abbey, where Fr. McBride gave six one-hour lectures on Luke's Gospel. The lecture that intrigued me was the one where he compared the four different beginnings of the Gospels. He argued that you could understand Luke better by seeing how he differed from the other three evangelists.

I bought this set of CDs as a result and have enjoyed them more than I can say. I have been teaching RE for years, and wish I had this resource years ago. The wisdom is sharp, clear, and simple when you hear it, though you realise that a mighty time of research sits behind what appears to be simple teaching. This is a brilliant reasource without a doubt.
John James Reid